Friday, June 21, 2013

MOVIE: Use QlikView to analyze your Clarizen project data

With CLARIFIED for Clarizen it's possible to analyse, create dashboards or reports with Qlikview on your Clarizen project data. In the video below you can see how it's done.

Main features and benefits of QlikView:
  • use of an in-memory data model
  • automated data integration and a graphical analytical environment attractive for customers
  • fast and powerful visualization capabilities
  • flexible - allows unlimited dimensions and measures and can be modified in seconds
  • integrated - all in one solution : dashboards, power analysis and simply reporting on a single architecture
  • risk free - available as a fully-functional free trial download

Next to Qlikview it's possible to use numerous other BI tools which can connect to a Microsoft Analysis Services cube.

You can use CLARIFIED for Clarizen free for 30 days to make sure you like it. We don't ask you for a credit card when you sign up, so if you don't like it, there's nothing to cancel. And because CLARIFIED is Cloud Based, there is nothing to install! Click here to try it free for 30 days.

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