Thursday, February 14, 2013

CLARIFIED for Clarizen - Tableau

Probably you already knew that CLARIFIED for Clarizen is the reporting and analysis service for Clarizen users, offers rich dashboards and enables you to analyze your Clarizen data across all projects, using various criteria. All this within just a few mouse clicks.

But did you know it can be used as a source for bringing your reports and dashboards through Tableau?

Tableau is a Business Intelligence software that provides browser-based analytics and reporting anyone can learn and use. It’s a rapid-fire alternative to the slow pace and rigidity of traditional Business Intelligence software. Click here for more information about Tableau.

After downloading Tableau, it just took me 5 minutes to install and connect Tableau to the CLARIFIED for Clarizen cube. Connecting to the cube was very easy with an Analysis Services Connection in Tableau. Within a view clicks I had instant reporting and visualization!

Besides using Tableau other third party Business Intelligence or reporting solutions like DundasTargitQlikView or RoamBI can be used to create your own dashboards.

Interested in CLARIFIED for Clarizen? Please contact us via or visit our portal for more information and to start your trial of today!

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