Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CLARIFIED for Clarizen is going mobile!

Probably you already knew that CLARIFIED for Clarizen is the reporting and analysis service for Clarizen users, offers rich dashboards and enables you to analyze your Clarizen data across all projects, using various criteria. All this within just a few mouse clicks.

But did you know it can be used as a source for bringing your reports and dashboards to your mobile phone or tablet?

We have setup dashboards in RoamBI, a mobile business intelligence solution that transforms data from major BI Systems into dashboard-style mobile analytics for iPhone or iPad, for one of our customers using our CLARIFIED for Clarizen service.

Besides using RoamBI other third party (mobile) BI or reporting solutions can be used to create your own dashboards and make it accessible on any device. Similar to monitoring the financial markets on TV, you now can focus on the Clarizen metrics that matters most to you.

Interested? Please contact me via or visit our portal for more information and to start your trial today!

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