Friday, October 7, 2011

Kimball Design Tip #139 Much Ado About Nothing

Yesterday I've read Design Tip #139 from the Kimball Group. In this tip Margy Ross is talking about renewed rumblings in the DW/BI industry about the Kimball versus Inmon approaches. She refers to a white paper, written in January 2008 by the Kimball Group, entitled “Facts and Fables about Dimensional Modeling”. In this white paper, the Kimball Group tries to tackle misunderstandings about dimensional modeling that appear in DW/BI industry publications, training, and marketing materials.

Margy Ross also refers to an article she wrote almost eight years ago for Intelligent Enterprise magazine (since absorbed into InformationWeek) entitled “Differences of Opinion”. At the time, she tried to fairly contrast the Kimball bus architecture approach versus the Corporate Information Factory. She had several clients who were struggling to make a decision between the two dominant schools of thought, so she attempted to summarize the similarities and differences.

If you're are interested in this and other Kimball Design Tips you can read them over here. They are worth reading ;-)

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